High-Quality Parts & Materials

  • The chains used on concrete chainsaws get their strength and durability from the diamond grit contained on them, allowing it to cut through tough surfaces.
  • Due to the high friction created, water is used as a lubricant for the chain, this also washes away the dust created, saving the operator from inhaling it.
  • It is the high-quality materials used to engineer the tools that give these concrete chainsaws the ability to cut through such hard surfaces.

Diversity of Uses

  • Concrete chainsaws can be used for a variety of jobs, including cutting accurate & deep holes in concrete and removing the stone in the pre-carving phase of creating sculptures.
  • They can also often be used by fire departments when entering buildings in an emergency.

Safer Than Regular Chainsaws

  • Due to the non-fibrous nature of the material being cut, there is less chance of the chain being caught or snagged on something during the cut. This significantly reduces the chance of kickback.
  • A common method used with concrete chainsaws is plunge-cutting. This involves the tip of the chainsaw making the first contact with the hard material, allowing small square cuts to be made safely.